Thursday, March 1, 2007

I would call it The WC, but that seems wrong, so, The Writers' Community is up and going, and very well I might add. If you haven't been yet, too bad for you. But you are always welcome to stop by, even if on occasion. We are meeting every Monday night at 7pm, in the Writing Center, which is in RB291. I know, I know, you know.


Here's who read and what (in case you are interested):
Christopher Newgent: two poems by Tom Hundley ("How to Make Orange Juice" and "Elegy for Robert Creeley and Pope John Paul I, Dead Three Days Apart," both of which appeared in the recent issue of POETRY EAST.) Christopher followed this up with a story of his own, "There's a Man on the Island."
Laura Relyea was going to read something by David Eggers; maybe she will read it next time.
Todd McKinney: a poem by Kenneth Koch, "One Train May Hide Another."
Matthew Trisler read four poems, including "Times New Roman," "Five Universal Truths," Tony Hoagland's "When Dean Young Talks About Wine" (from memory), and "Grapheme."
Derek Clawson read "Star Red," "The Kids Called You America," "Haiku," "Andy and I," and a prose poem entitled "Under My Skin."
And Emily Boshkoff read some killer poems from Julia Copus's book In Defense of Adultery: "In Defense of Adultery," "Essence," and "Kim's Clothes," which is in a wicked inverted or mirror-like form.

Don't forget to tell your friends, if you really want to share the joy with them.

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