Sunday, March 25, 2007

Beauty is Like a Giant Squid and Words are Beautiful

We had another great night of reading and a promise to hear some Civil War stories next time. Possible theme? Civility? War? Death? Love? Ghosts? The usual stuff.

All I can say for those of you who haven't made it is: too bad for you. Not only is it nice to hear people's voices reading but it's great to hear for the first, second, third, etc. time a piece written by another person.

Here's what you missed on Monday:
Drew Davis: "And Anorgasmia," a very funny piece written specifically for The WC--thanks Drew--if you listen carefully, you can still hear us laughing.
John King: "Journal from a Cobra Recruit," an essay by Kieth Pille first published on (see sidebar for link); here in America, we still haven't escaped the 80s which means we are still entrenched in the 50s; good grief and hallelujah!
Emily Boshkoff: three poems by Sharmila Voorakkara from her book Fire Wheel, including "Ditch Music," "For the Tattooed Man," and "Poem to My Father, Once a Vacuum Cleaner Salesman, Now an Ascetic." Great image: antwork unravelling the lattice of possum."
Christopher Newgent: Rainer Maria Rilke's first elegy from Duino Elegies, an essential book of poetry, no matter your asthetic, demographic, or political affilation.
Laura Relyea: "Giant Squid," from her blog, and a very interesting rough draft as of that reading untitled. She said she did a lot of tangenting in the piece, and she did, but it seemed appropriate and I think we enjoyed the journey.
Emily Boshkoff: a poem of her own entitled "Spill."
Derek Clawson: read from A Glass Half Full, by Felix Dennis, who seems to be a very rich version of Bukowski. Great to hear a rich man believing in the process of poetry. Anyway, the titles of the poems: "Sex with Your Ex," "Mighty the Ant to the Aphid," "Green-eyed Monsters," and "Johnson," a poem in tribute to the the King of the Delta Blues.

Antler reads on April 4 at 7 p.m. in Bracken 225. Go Antler, rock the house!

Here's hoping you will join us this Monday, and the Monday after that, and the Monday after that, and you should be there because you've got to be somewhere. And somehow.

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