Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Overwhelming Crush on Miranda July

Thanks to Todd McKinney for inviting me to contribute to the blog.

Last week, some of you may remember, I read from Miranda July's first collection of stories, No One Belongs Here More Than You. The story I read was called "Swim Team," and I had mentioned that I was thinking about reading another story, called "This Person."

The reason I avoided "This Person" is that July had given a completely beautiful reading on the PRI program, Studio 360, and I would rather you listen to her read it than me. Her reading is at the bottom of that episode's page.

She also had an interesting conversation a couple weeks ago on KCRW's bookworm (a podcast I subscribe to, and find worth listening to, but usually delete immediately upon downloading).

It's also worth noting that what brought July to my attention was the stunning website for her book.

Since I feel that I shouldn't post on the Writer's Community blog for the first time without offering some advice or a prompt, hey, here's Miranda July's website, Learning to Love You More, that does just that! Oh, and look! It has a book coming out later this year! Books are pretty neat!

(Also, books by Tao Lin keep showing up as related to Miranda July's on Amazon, and the book jackets are stunning, the titles awesome [who wouldn't want to read a book called Eeeee Eee Eee]--anyone know if their contents are any good?)


tdm said...

That website completely and totally rocks in ways both old and new. Wow. You should check it out right this minute.

Sarah said...

yeah, the website worked for me. i want to read the book. immediately.

Daniel Bailey said...

This is a past topic and I've never come to this club but Tao Lin books are really great.

M. said...

Sometimes things look better when you look at them differently. Here:maybe this book is not a masterpiece, but certainly it is worth a read or two even if you’re not really reading but only looking at your hands…i really don’t think Miranda July would mind.