Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Edgar Allen Poe Reading

But Wait, you're saying,  I want to know more about the English Theory Club's Edgar Allen Poe Reading which will take place at 9PM in the Music Room of the Pittinger Student Center!

Well, buddy, I can't help you, because you already seem to know as much as I do.  I did hear talk about costumes, which sounds pretty cool.

And I'm just making this next part up because I want it to be true, but there will be prizes for best costume, and there will be cider and candy corn; many apples shall also be bobbed, in a room decorated with Indian corn and spooky pumpkins.  

You should totally show up.  Even if the stuff I'm hoping they'll provide doesn't pan out, it'll be a mash.  A monster mash.  Probably even--dare I say it?--a graveyard smash.

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