Sunday, April 15, 2007

And the Writer's Community Kept Reading

We are still going strong. Here's last Monday's set list.

Christopher: three by James Tate: "Manna" and "The Book of Lies" and "Epithelium for Tyler" and a short piece of his own, "Trifle."
Emily followed with "Billy Sim" by Chuck Klausterman. It's from his book Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs. It was a request.
Tony suggested visiting McSweeney's to view some dispatches from Iraq. Click here to check it out.
Nate read two by Ai, from her selected poems, entitled Vice. The poems were "I Have Got to Stop Loving You, So I Killed My Goat" and "The Kid."
Then I read two of my own, "Several Places at Once" and "Praise for Your Mother's Passing."
Rebecca read Borges's "The Circular Ruins."
And Derek finished with an untitled poem of his own and "March 26" and another untitled piece.

We will meet again tomorrow evening, same place, same time. We only have two meetings left this semester. Come, read, astonish. Don't be late.

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